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Centre for Humanitarian Action | Volunteer for Your Community

Centre for Africa Volunteers soon to be "Centre for Humanitarian Action" is a connective hub, a Membership Society, a Network of organizations, and a team of Volunteers that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative partnerships, events, projects, service, and action research that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change. We organize and support local volunteer programs as well as International Exchange Programs for Work, Study, Vacation, Tourism and Business.

Our Focus and Commitments are to:

1. Organize Charity Events in Health and Social Care
2. Create adaptable and resillient communities through sustainable development projects
3. Promote Peace and Civic Advocacy Programs-Youth Leadership
4. Organize International Exchange Programs

Short term volunteer programs include:
1. Virtual Volunteerism
2. Professional Volunteerism
3. Internship and Apprenticeship
4. Project-Staff Volunteerism

Long term volunteer programs include:
These include but not limited to:
1. Parctipating in AuPair
2. Apprecnticeship Programs
3. Work and Business Exchange

Cooperate Volunteerism includes:
1. Host and/or Sponsor and Event
2. Cooperate Mentorship
3. Volunteerism and Social Impact Vacation

Ongoing & Upcoming Events

You can become a Humanitarian Actor by taking a 10 days Certificate Course on Humanitarian Assistance. You can join cooperate organizations in supporting Street Vhildren in Kenya. You can join our apprenticeship and internship program. You can become part of us in many ways now


Join the Team of Humanitarian Actors Across the Globe | Cooperate Volunteers | Individual Humanitarian Ambassador | you can also be a supporter. Above all, we offer Humanitarian Assistance Certificate Course for you

Cooperate Volunteer Projects

Employees Award

Rewarding outstanding performance

Hosting/Sponsoring Events

Sponsoring community ventures and charitable events

Internship & Cooperate Mentorship

Provide apprenticeship and internship opprotunties for young professionals