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PURPOSE:To deliver development project through a pool of professional volunteers with confidence and ultimate professionalism

Are you an expert in any of the development agenda? Are you a veteran or just a fresh graduate? Here at CAV we give opportunities for all without discriminating against anyone. We are non-political, non-religious and non-sectarian. We therefore do not offer opportunities and either do we deny opportunities based on one’s beliefs. We give independence and autonomy to all our partners, clients, donors, members and volunteers. We are keen to working with you to offer solution to the following field Categories:

1. REF: Democracy, Governance and Public Policy 2. REF: Education

3. REF: Environmental Protection and Conservation :

4. REF: Livelihood and Social Policy :

5. REF: Research and Data Analysis :

IF you feel competent and ready to work with us to serve our development partners in any of these fields as opportunities may arise, send us your updated resume with the email subject line REF: (quoting the field category….eg REF: Democracy, Governance and Public Policy) to

CAVAfrica has positioned itself as a consortium and a society that seek opportunities to add enhance value to local and multi-national entities across the world. Through a pool of professional volunteers and highly qualified personnel, we offer wealth of expertise and knowledge that befits to offer solutions in development and humanitarian fields across simple and challenging environments. We have made a culture of cooperate and professional priority. We are highly focused in doing what is right and making things right rather than opting for what is conventionally simple and easy. We make decisions that prioritize long-term benefits over short-term excitements and gains.

We Just Don’t Invest in Our Professional Volunteers; we believe in them and provide opportunities to get the tools they need to deliver to development partners. From recent graduates to veteran development professionals, we give payable consultancy opportunities to well trained, ethical and exceptional people, expose them to challenging work, and then do all we can to make them shine. Our commitment to professional development is not only demonstrated through our professional considerations but also through knowledge sharing and management and ability to take on special assignments to build skills and capacities.

We are mindful that for our partners and clients to be well taken care of, our Professional Volunteers have to take care of themselves. We therefore offer highly competitive compensation packages, competitive benefits, and flexible work schedules- including the ability to work remotely when appropriate, a generous professional development opportunities, referrals to employment, exposure to organization’s social events.

Our Values are strongly embedded in the desire to build a resilient society where service and self-sacrifice conjoin to produce excellence in building a desirable world. At CAVAfrica, we are ‘ready to go’.

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Join us during a FREE orientation on 25th January, 2020 at the American Space, Bazaar Plaza, Nairobi from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

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