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Here are the programs you can participate in. We work with our members, supporters, and Humanitarian Ambassadors to execute them

18 Jan 2015

Humanitarian Action for Street Children

No matter what their individual circumstance, street children are extremely vulnerable and are denied many of their basic rights. On the streets, children face stigmatization and discrimination and are at increased risk of exploitation and abuse. Denied access to education, basic health services and social protection, with no chance to go to school or learn skills needed for their futures, they are confined to a life of even deeper poverty and deprivation.

10 Days Online Training Starts on
22 August 2022

Ceritificate in Humanitarian Response

The Humanitarian Assistance Course is suitable for people of all backgrounds, skills and levels of humanitarian experience, and is constantly being updated with the information. If you are considering a career in the humanitarian sector and want to know if it is right for you, this course will give you a greater understanding of what it takes to be a humanitarian.
If you are a technical specialists already in the humanitarian and development sector, in government or work for an NGO, this course will give you a deeper understanding humanitarian of foundations, coordination mechanisms and emerging issues and trends.
This course attracts participants from many backgrounds and stages in their careers. You will have the chance to network with a wide range of different people and learn more from their professional journeys. 
If you want to also participate in our Humanitarian Program, then this course is essential for you.

18 Jan 2015

Vocational and Apprenticeship Training

After identifying street children who are within the working age, we take them through rehabilitation, and to make them productive members of society; we take them through hands-on skills training through the apprenticeship program. In addition to the Vocational Training, the curriculum covers basic math and literacy, business education/entrepreneurship, communication skills self-esteem, and “living values” education and emphasizes punctuality, honesty, cleanliness, and the importance of giving back to the community. We partner with existing businesses and institutions to make this program a success.

18 Jan 2015


At CAV we provide invaluable opportunities for fresh graduates from diverse fields the opportunities to grow and learn new but practical skills that future employers and clients need. In today’s competitive world, a good academic record alone is not enough to get you into the job of your dreams when you are starting out. Most companies prefer freshers with some work experience (not a mandatory requirement) as their future employees. This is where internships come into the picture. Internships provide you with real industry experience that could add value to your CV while applying for the jobs. 
During the 3 months internship program, we cover practical lessons. At the end of the internship, our interns brag of gaining the following skills as volunteers and in humanitarian spheres;
Communication Skills and interpersonal skills, Team Work and Collaboration/Networking, Time Management and Multitasking, Assertiveness, Critical Thinking, Accountability, Leadership, Project Initiation and management, and above all, you will have Work Experience
that enriches your CV To conclude, an internship is the best way to learn hard skills and soft skills required to succeed and survive at a job. Remember, in this competitive world, employers consider soft skills equally important as hard skills. Hence, even if you are great in all technical skills, it is important to gain some internship experiences and learn all the skills it has to offer.

18 Jan 2015

International Exchange Program

Exchange programmes are defined as arrangements where individuals from different countries visit each other’s country. Programmes commonly have an education or cultural focus. The aims of these programmes can include strengthening links between individuals and improving foreign language skills.

We Are Raising Funds

We're raising money for our street feeding program. We are raising money for rehabilitation and vocational training. Help make street children productive members of the society

Our Goal Is: $50'000


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