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We are delighted to be in touch with you following your positive response to a course so banal and dear to our hearts. Volunteerism is the wheel with which charity programs are anchored and development organizations pegged. It is through volunteerism that we get service-satisfaction.

Centre for Africa Volunteers wishes to incorporate individuals of goodwill, those who are passionate about community service and volunteer work in their countries and abroad. Volunteer work provides an opportunity of growth, career development and above all, it gives one the opportunity to positively contribute to the development of societies.

This year, CAVAFRICA invites willing individuals to join other CAV members in the volunteer mission in South Africa, S.A and the United States of America, USA. We shall begin training, interviews and placement programs in July after the orientation.

The second orientation of this program will be on 3rd August 2019 at the America Space, Bazaar Plaza, Nairobi City. The orientation shall be onsite and online. Volunteers who registering from other countries shall join the orientation on live streaming through all our social media platforms and through teleconferencing on the same date.

You will be involved in community service immediately after the orientation. You will also be linked to various organizations and communities you will be serving with abroad.

The purpose of the society is to bring individuals together to promote Peace, Sustainable Development and African Unity. This is done through volunteerism, altruism and community philanthropy. Members of CAVAFRICA therefore come together to champion and support efforts of volunteers across the globe. You too can join our organization by being a member/volunteer


Volunteerism is a service that requires a wide range of skills. This can be simple skills like training or caring for children to complex tasks like coming up with policies and structures to promote the concept of volunteerism in the African continent legislatively. In essence, everyone has a skill and a thing to offer. .

This program will be financed through our CAVDONATE Crowd funding model. With your participation, we shall create an account through which air-ticket, accommodation and all expenses. Through our social innovation, we shall utilize the services of Africa's Talking, Safaricom, Mastercard and Visa.


Initially, CAV has been working exclusively with its registered members only. However, we are opening these opportunities to members and non-members alike. You are required to pay the administrative costs that will aid the logistical arrangements as we plan and prepare the convenience of your trip abroad. Upon payement of the admin fees, we shall give you a waiver and register you as an International Volunteer. You will be issued an International Volunteer ID and International Membership Certificate. We shall guide you from the time of the orientation in the concerned embassies till the day of your departure beginning September to December when different lots will be departing and others returning home.

Taking keen note that volunteer service is on free will, we ask you to pay an administrative fee of 55 USD (Kshs. 5,610):

For any questions please contact Mr. Josephat on Whatsapp +254704084328 Call: +254203509346 or on mail:

Submit your details by filling the form in the next page. Give your correct details. Registration ongoing. We shall help in processing your visa. Register with us to attend the orientation on 3rd August 2019.

Join Us To Influence Global Peace and Development. Volunteer in USA and S.A with CAVAFRICA

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