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International Volunteer Mission

Centre for Africa Volunteers Society invites you to an e-conference dubbed, “Global citizenship and Economic Development of the African Youth” scheduled for 23rd October 2020 from 3:00pm-8:00pm EAT (GMT+3).

This conference shall bring Community Change Agents from various countries focus given to: Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, and People of the African Descent living in USA and Europe.

The aim of the conference is to re-awaken social, political, environmental, and economic actions of globally minded individuals and communities on a worldwide scale with the motive OF effecting economic collaboration and social integration of the Continent and International Communities. This is inspired by a belief that individuals are members of multiple, diverse, local and non-local networks rather than single actors affecting isolated societies. We are on a mission of promiting global citizenship.

The goal of the conference is to:

I. Create Opportunities for International Trade (Commodity Exchange)

II. Create Opportunities for Cultural exchange between the diaspora and the continent (International Exchange Program)

III. Focus on Innovative Agriculture for Affordable Nutrition and Economic Development

IV. Social Enterprise and Business Start-Up Financing

In a 30 days social media awareness creation and mobilization, the seminar shall reach 1,000,000 people with a seminar attendance of 5,000 people on the 23rd October as scheduled above.

The attendees shall have the advantage of participating in our USA exchange programs, internships, and volunteer programs.

IF you are looking for an opportunity to work, learn, volunteer and do business in Europe, African countires and in the Americas, this seminar offer the best opportunity to get you started.
IF you are looking for an opportunity to widen your social spaces, this seminar provides opportunities for visiting different countries through CAV International Exchange Program (USA).
IF you are looking for an opportunity to invest in agribusiness, purpose to be part of this. The seminar shall further present opportunity for social enterprises (NGOs, Non-Profits, etc) and startup businesses with funding opportunities.

Before proceeding, support this cause by clicking and sharing this page on social media above. Thank you for caring to share. Proceed with registration!