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JOSEPHAT MOSES Executive Director

Social Entrepreneur and Human Rights Activist

HALIMA MOHAMED Program Director

A Kenyan based political enthusiast & Public Health Professional, Kenya


He is the journalist and the Director Atlanta Media Group

MONICA ADOGO Ass. Administrator

She is a Psychologist by Profession with acute skills on Public Relations

About Us

CAV is a non-profit-membership society that brings humanitarian actors, both individuals, cooperates, and other non-profits together to champion for the general good of the society with focus in promoting social justice, human rights, active & participatory citizenship, among others.

We are a connective hub, a Membership Society, a Network of organizations, and a team of Volunteers that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative partnerships, events, projects, services, and action research that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change. We organize and support local volunteer programs as well as International Exchange Programs for Work, Study, Vacation, Tourism and Business..

CAV's main mission is to prevent and stop neglect, sexual violence, and abuse against children as well as all forms of gender based violence. Founded in 2014, CAV provides psycho-social support to children and adult survivors of abuse, and runs outreach educational programmes for urban, rural and isolated communities in the country. CAV also provides food to street children, offer spyschosocial support, do tracing and family re-union as well as providing vocational training to street families.

Mission:To prevent neglect, sexual abuse, and all forms of children exploitation and maltreatment

Vision:We Envisage a Community of Humanitarian Actors Across the World who shall promote the general good of the suffering with special reference to a child's wellbeing

Centre for Africa Volunteers soon to be Centre for Humanitarian Action's mission is to prevent all forms of children exploitation and maltreatment. The priorities and objectives of CAV are to eliminate the neglect, sexual abuse and exploitation of children in all its forms; and to make the positive engagement of men and boys by being a driving force in the elimination of the sexual abuse of children. We also aim to have all children out of streets. We belive that all children should get optimal care.



In response to the adequate number of volunteers and humanitarians, CAV is running recruitment and training of humanitarian actors who are concious of the dare need of communities. Key being children who are neglected on streets, those that are sexually abused, and those in forced labor.
CAV works to identify, feed, offer psychosocial support, and provide vocational training to street children. We do this through the generous support of the public and humanitarians.
Our trained humanitarian ambassadors are providing needed support to the target goups of children. They provide the following services:

1. Peer Leadership Training in Schools
2. Feeding Street Children
3. Tracing and Family Re-Union
4. Providing Vocational Training
5. Championing for the protection of the rights of children
6. Recording and telling stories of children

In addition, we also run other projects that contribute to the general welfare of our member volunteers and humanitarian ambassadors. These includes Job Linkages, International Short Term Exchange Programs, and Skills Development



We Envisage a Community of Humanitarian Actors Across the World who shall promote the general good of the suffering with special reference to a child's wellbeing

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